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Suggested Packages

All Packages Include: Cold Cut Tray, Antipasto Salad, 4 Different Hot Items, Bread, Butter, Mayo, Mustard, Grated Cheese, Dressing, Plastic Forks & Knives, Plates, Napkins, Serving Utensils & Sterno Set-up   *You may switch trays on packages or add an a la carte tray - Price may vary*

A La Carte Menu

All served with bread - Ordered by the 1/2 or Full tray - 10-12 Servings per tray - Rack & Sterno set up - $3.50 per tray

Cold Cuts and Assorted Trays

Assorted Rolls & Bread, Mayo, Pickles and Olives Included

Salads & Subs

Appetizers & Side Dishes